Company “Magnifish” offers  feasibility studies, project proposals  and project applications to European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

If you interested in investment in aquaculture, please connect us. We will help you in the entire process and will guide you in all the necessary steps. Our experience will be your significant benefit in the recesses of numerous statutes and regulations under the European programs.

To be succeed in such an undertaking is not enough just to have an idea. It should be further developed and verified. Winning project of European programs related to obtaining maximum points or at least enough to make the first places in the ranking. This will ensure you the funding.

Together we will carefully choose the species you want to grow. We will advise you on the most suitable place for the project. We choose for you the most appropriate and energy-saving technology. All these things are of great importance for the future of your business model.

Each EMFF project contains well thought out business plan. It is the future of your company and it is the foundation of the enterprise. We from “Magnifish” believe that business should be winning without subsidy from Europe. It must be living and will be able to bear the costs and win. When it obtain EU grands, it is welcome for every investor. So, we think and calculate very well cash flows and financial schemes. Our specialists will advise you at every stage of investor process.

We also offer a full range of legal services related to investment in Aquaculture  sector. For your peace of mind for your future business, for you will take care a lawyer with experience in the specifics of EMFF.

Project proposals not guarantee you future profits. To win in any business, you should be aware of the market and it capabilities. Our professionals can help and advise you again. We believe that each satisfied customer will bring more customers and we not jump to single profits with higher prices.

As a unique company, we keep track of competition and are always one step ahead. We work with the help of many experts, scientists and international companies to develop your business on a European level. Our prices will surprise you.

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