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“Magnifish” Ltd. is an New Innovative Aquaculture Bulgarian company. We created “Magnifish” Ltd. to meet the increased demand of technological solutions and quality equipment in Aquaculture. The designers of the company have experience in all aspects of aquaculture. We  works in the modernization of old and construction of new Aquaculture Farms. The company is involved in several projects for sustainable Aquaculture in our country.

We created a number of improvements and  innovations in Aquaculture technology .

“Magnifish” has a clear plan for strategic development and an excellent team of professionals.

“Magnifish” develops its own technology and know-how, which are suitable for modernization of existing aquaculture farms and to build New Aquaculture farms.

Know how to organize and manage projects conforming to the latest requirements and regulations of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

Aquaculture is the fastest growing sector of Agriculture. They face the challenge of fast increasing demand, while having to spare increasingly scarce natural resources. Complex task whose solution requires a high level of professional ethics and a strong sense of environmental and social responsibility. We, from “Magnifish”, adhered to the principle of responsible professionalism in all our services.

If you have an idea for an aquaculture business or own one, please contact us. We will further develop your idea and we will put on it the newest technology solutions tailored to best practices worldwide.